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Easy to choose

You can choose out of 22 Nissan Leaf and 9 Mitsubishi i-Miev electric cars all over Estonia at rental points located in Tallinn and Tartu (new ones coming very soon). Book an available car by card application and go. You can also book a car to be delivered to a place you wish. Learn more about the rental services Learn more about the rental services

Cheap to drive

ELMO RENT provides you a car exactly for the period you need it, you pay only for time you used the car and you choose the way of payment. Charging electric cars in ELMO quick chargers network is free. Learn more about rental prices Learn more about rental prices

Easy to use

ELMO RENT car use is easy. Register as a user and you can start driving. To rent a car you need only your cell phone: choose an available car, open the car door by your cell phone and drive. Read more about the use of the services