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The car will be delivered to your suitable address minimum in one hour. On the same day, you can order a car minimum in one hour if the order is placed between 9.00 and 18.00.

You can pre-order a car in Tallinn and its vicinity

Price class

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Skoda Citigo'20
Toyota Yaris
VW e-up!'19
Minute price 0.08€, day 24€
Price per kilometer 0.15/0.10€


Hyundai i20
Renault Clio'21
Toyota Prius
VW e-up!'20
Minute price 0.10€, day 30€
Price per kilometer 0.17/0.10€


Nissan Leaf'19
Peugeot e-208GT'21
Renault Zoe
Minute price 0.12€, day 36€
Price per kilometer 0.18/0.10€


Audi A5 Sportback G-Tron
Nissan Leaf'21
Renault Arkana
Minute price 0.14€, day 42€
Price per kilometer 0.20/0.10€


Tesla Model 3
Minute price 0.25€, day 75€
Price per kilometer 0.20/0.10€
Minimum fee 30€

Where and when will we bring the car?

  • The rental session starts automatically from the start time of the order
  • The car is parked in the nearest free parking lot
  • I undertake to comply with the parking conditions from the beginning of the rental session
  • The minimum cost of the rental session of the ordered vehicle is 10 €
  • Cancellation is free of charge if it is made 3 hours before the start of the rental session

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Convenient cars

ELMO Rent’s car fleet includes environment-friendly vehicles and you can choose Tesla Model 3, Peugeot e208 GT, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla, VW e-up, Renault Zoe and many other electric cars all over Estonia at rental points located in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu.
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Favorable prices

ELMO RENT provides you a car exactly for the period you need it. Price includes fuel, insurance, service and other costs. Free charging on Enefit VOLT and ELMO charger network. Free parking in the centre of Tallinn and in rental points. With the monthly package you can leave the car overnight to your house for free.
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Easy to use

ELMO RENT car use is easy. Register as a user and you can start driving. To rent a car you need only your cell phone: choose an available car, open the car door by your cell phone and drive.
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24h support phone is 5272626

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